Custom Zone Mortalis WIP

I’ve been eyeing the Zone Mortalis tiles since they first came out from Forgeworld.  It looks like the sort of game I would really enjoy, but not wanting to spend $600 dollars on a single board, I decided to see what I could build out myself.

I recently acquired a table top Hot Wire Foam Cutter from Amazon and it allows me to make nice straight cuts in foam. The project would still be possible without it, but will save me a ton of time making cuts. The guide needs a little reinforcing when making cuts or it will push out of the way a little. I also found the best glue to use is Liquid Nails rather than craft or wood glue. It dries in a reasonable amount of time and is rock solid.

House paint is used to cover up the pink foam, and the flooring is mostly made out of plastic mesh used for knitting little tapestries and makes an inexpensive industrial flooring.  After I get a 4×4 built out, I will start detailing the walls with pipes and do some additional painting to make them look better.

Zone Mortalis Mock-up

Mock-up of foam walls

Test Tile

Test Tile

3x3 Table

3×3 Table