Month: December 2015

Darkfire Castellax and Legion Praevian

I’m currently on vacation with the family at the beach, but I brought some models to assemble while I am here. I built up 3 Castellax with Darkfire Cannons and a Legion Praevian to run them in my Ultramarines. They will be dual use as I can also use them in the Mechanicum army.

3 Castellax and Praevian

Horus Heresy – Mechanicum vs Iron Warrios

Played a 4000 point game with Pete today. We rolled up the misson where objectives can be worth 1,2,3 or negative d3 victory points plus 1 point per unit killed. The Iron Warriors ended up winning (he had 100 Strength 8 shots in the army!) but it was close and a lot of fun. I’m pretty happy with most of the army, but I’m not getting a lot out of the Knights. Next time I will probably only bring the Knight Styrix as a Lord of War and take more Mechanicum stuff.

Mechanicum Deployment