Month: October 2012

Brother Chamuel – Lamenters Sternguard Deathwatch

Lamenters Sternguard Deathwatch

My finished entry for the Sternguard Deathwatch contest.  Really happy with how he turned out, especially the kit-bashed combi-melta.  While I have no delusions of winning it was a fun project to work on and I can’t wait to see the squad together.

Deathwatch Sternguard Marine

I volunteered to put a model together for the Sternguard Deathwatch competition and charity event for the Badab Veterans group.  Pretty pleased so far with the model, though I still need to drill out weapon barrels and do a base up.For the weapon I kit-bashed a combi-melta up from an infernus pistol, DC bolter and magazine from a storm bolter.  Really happy with how it came out.  In fact this has inspired me to put together a sternguard squad for my own Lamenters after I’m done.

An Unkindness of Stormravens

Finished up my second Stormraven.  Though not without some issues.  The major problem was me carrying it downstairs to photograph with it still on the flight stand and having it fall down a flight of stairs and smash into a bunch of pieces!  Luckily I used super-glue to attach the wings on and they snapped off where they should have.  Some dings and dents, but I just like to think of it as battle damage.

Lamenters Stormraven
Lamenters Stormraven
Unkindness of Stormravens