Month: February 2013

Eldar Aegis Defense Line Ideas

Eldar Aegis Force Field

Eldar Wraithbone Aegis Defense Line

In my last game, I took and Aegis defense line with quadcannon.  The 4+ cover save was extremely nice and the quad cannon was able to do some nice damage as well.

Here are a couple design ideas for creating an Eldar Aegis defense line.  The top is the force-field idea.  I would have it laser cut and engraved on colored plexiglas   I would then build a generator out of wraithbone to go in the center.

The second would be to just cut the shape into foam board or build it with clay and then texture it and paint it up to look like wraith bone.  I think both would look good, but I’m leaning toward the first option as I think it would look fantastic.

1000 points of Mymeara Eldar

Mymeara Eldar Army
Completed Mymeara Eldar

After playing the game yesterday, I got a lot of compliments in the store for the paint scheme.  Here is a shot of what I have painted so far.  Comes out to just over 1000 points (though not particularly effective at that level), and I have a bunch more that are near completion.  I also was given a good idea of using Vallejo metallic medium as a glaze on the vehicles to give a pearlescent effect.  I will try and pick some up and try it out.


Game: Eldar vs Tyranids

Michael and I played a game this afternoon. 1850 points and he ran his Tyranids while I did my Eldar with a small ally contingent of Tau. We ended up rolling Purge the Alien with diagonal deployment, which was probably the worst scenario for Michael’s Tyranids. My list had a lot of shooting while his had pretty much none. The Farseers also gave him some serious problems with psychic powers.

The main issue with my list was that it’s kind of boring to play. Cast a bunch of psychic powers and then unload shots on enemy. I’m going to have to modify a bit to get some movement back in.

The highlight unit for me was the Harlequins with Eldrad attached. They finished off two squads of Genestealers, a Tervigon and a bunch of Hormogaunts. They can cause some serious hurt with the right psychic powers and 40 rending attack on the charge is really scary for most people. I will have to eventually pick up the actual models, which scares me a little as they look like they will be really hard to paint.

Eldar Deployment
Eldar castled up with Tyranids accross
Tyranid deployment
Eldar base
Fire warriors (proxied guardians) line up for firing.
Hive Tyrant eating Fire Warriors


Finished up Eldrad last night.  I might go do a little work on the staff as I’m not completely happy with it, but it’s good enough for getting to the table to play.  I might try and use the airbrush on the sword to add some detail there.  Maybe get some more purple in the model.

Eldrad painted in Mymeara scheme
Eldrad painted in Mymeara scheme

Mymeara War Walkers

Completed the war walkers.  Still need to make up nice bases for them, but I think they look good completed.  The weapons are magnetized and I will need to paint a bunch more of them up.

Painting change-up: Romulans

What do you do when you get tired of painting the same army over and over?  Change it up and get something totally unrelated on the painting table.  I picked up the Romulan Expansion  for Star Trek Fleet Captains for Z for Christmas this year, and finally got them painted up for her.  Fun little board game, that captures a lot of the feel of the Star Trek universe.  It was really nice to be using different colors and styles of models.  Makes it easier to go back and work on the larger projects of entire armies.

Howling Banshee and Fire Dragon color test

Did a quick test of two of the aspect warrior types for the Mymeara. Wasn’t sure if I was going to do them in traditional colors or in the jade and turquoise armor with accents from their aspects. I think I’m going to go with the scheme below as I would like to have the army to look cohesive as a whole, with individual accents for the various aspect warriors.