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Painting change-up: Romulans

What do you do when you get tired of painting the same army over and over?  Change it up and get something totally unrelated on the painting table.  I picked up the Romulan Expansion  for Star Trek Fleet Captains for Z for Christmas this year, and finally got them painted up for her.  Fun little board game, that captures a lot of the feel of the Star Trek universe.  It was really nice to be using different colors and styles of models.  Makes it easier to go back and work on the larger projects of entire armies.

Bolt Action and Star Fleet A Call to Arms

The game store I very occasionally make it down to has people playing a wide variety of games.  Two of the most popular right now are Bolt Action and A Call to Arms: Star Fleet.  I managed to pick up both rule-book this week, one through trade on BGG and the other as a gift.  I’ve finished reading Bolt Action and have started reading Star Fleet and so far like the look of both systems.  I probably won’t start up armies/fleets for both systems right now, so I’m trying to decide what I would enjoy the most.  For Bolt Action I’m leaning towards British Commonwealth focusing on an airborne section.  For Star Fleet I’m not sure which fleet I would lean towards, as I would eventually want to pick up two so that I could play with the wife.  I will probably try a game or two out using the Star Trek Fleet Captains ships that I have painted up and if I really like it could eventually pick some of the ships up.