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Battletech Assault Lance WIP

I’ve managed to get some paint on the assault lance for my Battletech game on Thursday. Still need to do some lighter highlights as they turned out a little darker than I had hoped and I’m going to attempt to freehand some unit markings.


Assault lance for Battletech

Last Thursday I got to play Battletech for the first time in more than a decade. Battletech was my first love in miniatures war gaming and something I was obsessed with from 7th grade until I graduated from high school. After high school I assumed that adults don’t play games and hauled all my books and models to Goodwill to hopefully go to a deserving geeks collection. I of course regret getting rid of everything and have slowly picked some stuff up second hand over the years to keep up but haven’t really had the right group to play regularly. Last week I got invited to play again and so many memories came flooding back as I was hooked again.

The group plays fortnightly, and to prepare for the next game, I will be painting up an Assault Lance for the FRR Tyr Regiment, Second Battalion. I built and prepped the models tonight and will finish basing them and prime them tomorrow in preparation for painting in the next few days.

FRR Assault Lance

Firestorm Armada – Dindrenzi

So I picked up some Firestorm Armada ship in trade recently and assembled and primed a Dindrenzi starter fleet. I’m excited to paint them for a change of pace. The plan is to do a gray and purple accent paint scheme on them.


Firestorm Armada Dindrenzii

Knight Acheron WIP

I’ve managed to put the purple down on the knight and have started on the gold trim. I’m really pleased how it’s coming together. I need to finish the gold up and then go back and cleanup over spray on the metals. Also decide how I want to wash the metals and I’d I want to add a third metal color accent or not.


Quick color test

I did a quick color test for the Knight Acheron tonight. I knew I wanted to do a purple for the armor plates, but I wasn’t sure on the trim color. I am likely to go with the bright brass as the silver doesn’t contrast very well with the main metal internals.


Triaros WIP

I have managed to make a lot of progress on the Triaros. I love this model the more I work on it. Such a unique style and it fits the Mechanicum theme perfectly. Still need to do a lot of detail work and washes. Not sure if I’m gonna weather this one or not.

Triaros Armoured Conveyor

Triaros Armoured Conveyor


Stormraven – Liberata

During the Badab War the Sons of Medusa managed to salvage a number of vehicles from the Lamenters chapter. Being skilled reclaimers, their tech priests were able to get an impressive number into service. One highlight was the Stormraven, Heretic’s Folly, which was recovered with only minor engine damage. The Iron Thane Vaylund Cal himself assisted in the rites to appease the venerable machine spirit. After limited trial combat, the newly christened Liberata now is used by the chapter for the for remote insertion and fire support for its Terminators.

Little Man’s First Painted Mini

Sunday afternoon we were having a family craft day and my little boy kept wanting to “help” me paint the Mournfang Cavalry I was working on. I kept having him shake my bottles of wash which is something he likes to do while I paint, but he kept grabbing a spare brush and wanting to participate. I set aside the Mournfang and got a spare ogre model that was primed white. I then got a couple colors of wash and helped him paint his first mini! It was done all with washes and I would just point to an area with my brush and he would then paint with his. He of course went crazy a couple times as a three-year-old would, but overall did an impressive job. It actually made me think you could probably paint an entire army in a couple days using nothing but washes. The metallics might be a little difficult, but a quick drybrush could take care of those. I can’t wait for him to get a little older and get his first army to play with his dad, and I especially can’t wait for when he paints well enough for me to outsource my painting to him.



Ogre Kingdoms – Mournfang Cavalry

My first models done for the new Ogre Kingdoms fantasy army I’m building. I haven’t done the bases yet, as I’m still deciding on what exactly I want to do for that. They are painted up pretty basically, but it kind of took forever because of how large the models are and there is a suprising amount of detail. Still need to go do some more detail work, but my hope is to build the army out quickly to a tabletop standard and then go back and do some freehand and make the details pop a little more.

Dreadnought completed

Made a little progress on the Sons of Medusa. I painted up a Dreadnought. I’ll be adding a Venerable and Contemptor Dreadnought to the army to keep with the theme of the Sons of Medusa. I’m having trouble concentrating on the marines though as I recently acquired about 5000 point of Ogre Kingdoms and quite frankly am enjoying playing Fantasy more than 40k right now.

Sons of Medusa Dreadnought