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Stormraven – Liberata

During the Badab War the Sons of Medusa managed to salvage a number of vehicles from the Lamenters chapter. Being skilled reclaimers, their tech priests were able to get an impressive number into service. One highlight was the Stormraven, Heretic’s Folly, which was recovered with only minor engine damage. The Iron Thane Vaylund Cal himself assisted in the rites to appease the venerable machine spirit. After limited trial combat, the newly christened Liberata now is used by the chapter for the for remote insertion and fire support for its Terminators.


Finished up the second Krios, this has the lightning cannon. I had a small hobby heart attack after doing my final matte spray varnish, the model clouded (this despite using the airbrush to apply the varnish). I tried to see if heating it would clear it up, but I ended up applying gloss varnish again and then spray matte. It brought the color right back.

Hunter/Stalker plus Centurions

I’ve finished up the Hunter/Stalker as well as 3 Centurions. It was a nice breakup from painting red and metallics.

Krios Venerator

I’ve finished up my first Krios Venerator, “Over Compensating”. What a beautiful tank, I’m actually liking this model more than the Thanatar.  The whole range is just fantastic.

Night Spinner WIP

Mymeara Eldar Night Spinner
Mymeara Night Spinner
Mymeara Eldar Night Spinner
Mymeara Night Spinner

I really enjoy painting the vehicles for this army and so after working on the Harlequins, decided to take a break and paint the Night Spinner up.  I absolutely love both the rules and look of this model.  Strength 6 large blast with rending, barrage, and causes hit units to treat next move as difficult and dangerous.  In 5th edition this was awesome as you had a 1/6 change of killing any model since no armor saves were allowed.  While not as powerful in 6th edition, the barrage rules got better and with the increase in infantry the large blast is really nice.  It’s also fairly cheap for an Eldar unit at 115.

I still need to do more detail work, including the pilot and gunner, and I need to find a windshield which I couldn’t find.  I’m also going to try and do a grey highlight on the black intakes to give it a little more depth.

Mymeara – Fire Prism

Mymeara Eldar Fire Prism
Mymeara Fire Prism
Finished up the Fire Prism tonight.  I absolutely love how it turned out.  The red/orange/yellow crystal with the cool jade and turquoise just really stands out.  I tried to do something similar with the gems, but without using the airbrush it just didn’t look very good so I went back to the purple gems.  I need to figure out how to build a better base for them though, as the metal turret makes the model extremely top heavy.  Also did a bit of free-hand with the fire prism rune on the wing.  I wish the Mymeara logo was a little less complicated.  I might have to see if I can get it on some transfer paper and try that way.