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Finished Battletech Assault Lance

I’ve finished up painting the Assault lance for my game on Thursday. I will probably go and strip these guys down eventually to do a different paint job, but for now they are good enough for play.

Battletech Assault Lance

Battletech Atlas

Battletech Cyclops

Battletech Zeus

Battletech Stalker

Triaros Armoured Conveyor

I finished painting up the Triaros. What a great model. I just love the look of it. Sadly it didn’t get to do anything in my last game as it got stomped on by an imperial knight. I might go back and add some decals later if I can get some made.

Triaros Armoured Conveyour

Triaros Armoured Conveyour

Stormraven – Liberata

During the Badab War the Sons of Medusa managed to salvage a number of vehicles from the Lamenters chapter. Being skilled reclaimers, their tech priests were able to get an impressive number into service. One highlight was the Stormraven, Heretic’s Folly, which was recovered with only minor engine damage. The Iron Thane Vaylund Cal himself assisted in the rites to appease the venerable machine spirit. After limited trial combat, the newly christened Liberata now is used by the chapter for the for remote insertion and fire support for its Terminators.

Updated Mechanicum

Hunter/Stalker plus Centurions

I’ve finished up the Hunter/Stalker as well as 3 Centurions. It was a nice breakup from painting red and metallics.

Krios Venerator

I’ve finished up my first Krios Venerator, “Over Compensating”. What a beautiful tank, I’m actually liking this model more than the Thanatar.  The whole range is just fantastic.

Mechanicum Army So Far

I’ve made more progress on the Mechanicum. Now I just need to look for a game!

Completed Imperial Knight

Imperial Knight Completed! Well besides a bunch of little things I didn’t notice until looking at the photos. Super pleased, one of my favorite models to date.

Rhino and Tactical Squad

Finished up a Rhino to go with the tactical squad. This was a test model to see how I wanted to do the vehicles up. I’ve chosen to go with more green with black highlights, rather than the mostly black with green slashes that appear in the Badab war book.

1000 points for Zone Mortalis

I’ve finished up my 1000 point Zone Mortalis force for the Independent Characters Hobby Challenge!