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Updated Mechanicum

Mechanicum Army So Far

I’ve made more progress on the Mechanicum. Now I just need to look for a game!

Eldar Warhost

Eldar Mymeara War Host
Mymeara Warhost
So this my army I’m taking to play a game with a friend tomorrow.  I’m trying a few new things from last game.  Mostly putting the troops into Wave Serpents to see if I can get them to last beyond the first turn.  Also dropped the War Walkers to fit a Night Spinner and a unit of 5 Wraithguard with D-Scythes in a Wave Serpent.  This is going to be my, don’t get anywhere near me or you die unit.  I’m also playing the guardians as Dire Avengers to give me that extra bit of range, and the better 4+ save.

Here’s the list below:

HQ: Farseer – Spirit Stone, Jetbike
Troop: 10x Dire Avengers – Wave Serpent – Scatter Lasers – Cannon
Troop: 10x Dire Avengers – Wave Serpent – Scatter Lasers – Cannon
Troop: 5x Rangers
Troop: 3x Jetbikes – Cannon
Elite: 5x Wraithguard – D-Scythes – Wave Serpent – Scatter Lasers – Cannon
Fast: Crimson Hunter – Exarch – Star Cannons
Heavy: Fire Prism – Cannon
Heavy: Night Spinner – Cannon
Heavy: Wraithknight – Suncannon – Scatter Laser

100th Post – Two Painted Armies

Too celebrate my 100th post on the blog, I figured I would get both of my armies out on the table I built and get some pictures. This is less than two years worth of painting. I’m really proud of what I’ve accomplished and it’s great to have a couple decently painted armies. I still have a lot of Eldar to finish, and have a bunch of detail work left on the Lamenters, but I’m pleased with my progress.


Mymeara army so far

Mymeara Eldar Army

I have about 1700 points painted up.  I do need to finish up some bases and a few details but it’s really coming together.  I have a few thousand points more to paint, but this is a nice core.

1000 points of Mymeara Eldar

Mymeara Eldar Army
Completed Mymeara Eldar

After playing the game yesterday, I got a lot of compliments in the store for the paint scheme.  Here is a shot of what I have painted so far.  Comes out to just over 1000 points (though not particularly effective at that level), and I have a bunch more that are near completion.  I also was given a good idea of using Vallejo metallic medium as a glaze on the vehicles to give a pearlescent effect.  I will try and pick some up and try it out.


Painted Lamenters Army


After finishing some stuff up this afternoon I figured I would put the army together to see what I have finished to see what kind of army I could run.  To my surprise I have 2500+ points done!  While not the most effective army in the world, I can run a nice fully painted army at a variety of point values now!

1x Mephiston
1x Reclusiarch in Power Armor
1x Reclusiarch in Terminator Armor
5x TH/SS Terminators
1x Sanguniary Priest w/ Jumppack
5x Sanguinary Guard
1x Furioso Dreadnought
20x Assault Marines
1x Baal Predator
5x Vanguard Vetarans (could be run as DC or Honor Guard)
1x Storm Raven
1x Vindicator