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Little Man’s First Painted Mini

Sunday afternoon we were having a family craft day and my little boy kept wanting to “help” me paint the Mournfang Cavalry I was working on. I kept having him shake my bottles of wash which is something he likes to do while I paint, but he kept grabbing a spare brush and wanting to participate. I set aside the Mournfang and got a spare ogre model that was primed white. I then got a couple colors of wash and helped him paint his first mini! It was done all with washes and I would just point to an area with my brush and he would then paint with his. He of course went crazy a couple times as a three-year-old would, but overall did an impressive job. It actually made me think you could probably paint an entire army in a couple days using nothing but washes. The metallics might be a little difficult, but a quick drybrush could take care of those. I can’t wait for him to get a little older and get his first army to play with his dad, and I especially can’t wait for when he paints well enough for me to outsource my painting to him.



Ogre Kingdoms – Mournfang Cavalry

My first models done for the new Ogre Kingdoms fantasy army I’m building. I haven’t done the bases yet, as I’m still deciding on what exactly I want to do for that. They are painted up pretty basically, but it kind of took forever because of how large the models are and there is a suprising amount of detail. Still need to go do some more detail work, but my hope is to build the army out quickly to a tabletop standard and then go back and do some freehand and make the details pop a little more.