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First game of 7th Edition

I loved it. Pretty familiar, but we tried out one of the new missions using the tactical objectives. Absolutely great. Really made the game more interesting than kill each other or contest last minute and hope the game ends. I took a combined arms list of Lamenters primary with Sons of Medusa allies plus an Imperial Knight. Mephiston was a beat stick getting off Iron Arm plus Warp Speed almost every turn. Strength and Toughness 9, with 8 initiative 10 attacks! He would mow through whatever came near him.

We did play a bunch of stuff wrong I’m sure, but I’m feeling really positive about the addition as long as you have a nice conversation before hand on what kind of game you want to play.

100th Post – Two Painted Armies

Too celebrate my 100th post on the blog, I figured I would get both of my armies out on the table I built and get some pictures. This is less than two years worth of painting. I’m really proud of what I’ve accomplished and it’s great to have a couple decently painted armies. I still have a lot of Eldar to finish, and have a bunch of detail work left on the Lamenters, but I’m pleased with my progress.


Land Raider WIP

I started repainting the second Land Raider trying to use the airbrush to a better effect.  I picked up some more Vallejo Model air colors and can do a decent shading effect now.  I’m pleased with how it turned out and it ends up being a more true yellow versus my prior scheme.  Still need to do all the detail work and black lining, but it’s moving in the right direction and my quality is improving.
Lamenter’s Land Raider
Top View
Side View

Lamenters versus Tyranids

Michael and I played an 1850 point game today that was a lot of fun.  We played the Relic Mission and Dawn of War deployment.   Michael had first turn and hid everything behind ruins (which with his Warlod trait gave him 3+ saves) and infiltrated the genestealers.  I put my Land Raider center and flanked it with predators with all my marines hiding behind.

First turn we had a bit of wait and see as neither of us wanted to be stuck in the center giving the other player easy charge lanes.  We both moved up a little and positioned.  I did kill a couple hormaguants with the Vindicator, but FNP genestealers from pyschic powers and also 5+ invuls prevented too much damage on the first turn.

Second turn both mawlocs deepstruck, destroyed the Vindicator and killed a couple marines.  His Tyrant dropped down to try and bust the land raider.  He did pen, but only managed to shake it.  My turn I unload everything in the mawlocs behind my line and manage with the charge to kill both.  I also brought the Tyrant down to 1 wound and charged the hormagaunts that were approaching the relic with the death company.   50 re-roll to hit and wound attacks later they were gone.  I also flamed and assaulted the genestealers on my flank Though FNP saved them big time.  In the end we both killed about half our units there.

My warlord had possession of the Relic (thanks to his Warlord trait making him Scoring, but the unit had a Trygon on one side and 12 Genestealers on the other.  The 10 death company were wiped out, but the Reclusiarch in a challenge with the Brood lord stayed up thanks to his invul save.  They were finished off by the Trygon but managed to thin a couple out on their way.

The rest of the game was a big scrum in the middle.  I still had a few shooting vehicles with nothing interesting to shoot, and I poored all my infantry into the middle to try and keep his troops from picking up the relic.  In the end all my troops were wiped out, he had 3 genestealers left on  a flank, too far away to get the relic, but giving him linebreaker.  We both killed each others warlords, but he had first blood.  So the Tyranids won 3-2.  The game was a blast and really close.  We each had fun moments and it was a particularly bloody match.  One of the best games we’ve played together and we both had a lot of fun.

10x Death Company
1x Land Raider Crusader
10x Assault Marines (PF, Plasma guns)
10x Assault Marines (PS, Flamers)
5x Sanguinary Guard with banner
1x Priest with Jump Pack
1x Vindicator
1x Predator w/ HB
1x Baal Predator w/ Flamestorm
3x Bikes with plasma guns

Hive Tyrant w/ Wings and Lash Whip
12x Genestealers Broodlord and Toxin Sacs
12x Genestealers Broodlord and Toxin Sacs
20x Hormagaunts w/ Toxin Sacs and Adrenal Glands
3x Hive Guard
1x Zoanthrope
1x Zoanthrope
1x Mawloc
1x Mawloc
1x Trygon Prime

Death Company WIP

What do you do when you can’t sleep at night?  Build models!  I recently used pieces from two Death Company box to build some Vanguard Veterans and had quite a few left over bits.  Combining those plus some bits from the bits box, I was able to put together this unit of ten DC.  Two are armed with power fists while the rest are chainswords and bolt pistols.  I will probably pick another box up eventually and build a few of the other options out, like infernus pistols and such, and the kit has tons of great bits for conversions and special characters.  The backpacks will be magnetized and have the option for jump packs as well.  I’m going to paint my DC in a white color scheme rather than the black that is traditionally in Blood Angels armies.

Battle of Epsilon Corvi

Battle of Epsilon Corvi – Mission 2.

Initial board setup
Initial board setup
Lamenters Deployment
Lamenters Deployment
Tyranids Deployment
Additional Deployment
Flying Hive Tyrant moving forward first turn
Assault Squad getting assaulted after flaming Genestealers
Lamenters advancing forward
Mephiston taking on last Zoanthrope and two Genestealers
Mission: The Scouring (6 random objectives, fast attack scoring)

Deployment: Vanguard Strike (Diagonal)
Points: 1750 (kind of)

Lamenters list is here.

The Tyranid list is below.  Sadly there was a mistake on the expected points value, and the Tyranids were only 1500 points.  This definitely skewed the game in my favor.

Hive Tyrand (wings)

8 Genestealers (toxin sacs)
1 Broodlord

8 Genestealers  (toxin sacs)
1 Broodlord

24 Hormaguants (adrenal glands, toxin sacs)

12 Gargoyles (adrenal glands, toxin sacs)

1 Harpy

2 Zoanthropes
2 Zoanthropes

Trygon Prime

Tyranids had first turn and they slowly advanced up the middle.  Nervous about the flamers in the front of my army, they tried to stay back a little, but not far enough, as the flamers were able to move in and wipe out one of the units of Genestealers.  A couple marines got killed by the force dome psychic power as there shots  bounced back.

The next turn the Gargoyles, Hormaguants and Trygon wiped out the two squads.  The free overwatch hits with the flamer managed to thin out the Gargoyles pretty well, but didn’t do much to the larger creatures.  The other unit of Genestealers assaulted an assault marine squad in cover, and with the lack of grenades, were fairly ineffective.  The Vanguard Vets came in and assaulted a unit of Zoanthropes and killed one, while Mephiston made a huge 10″ charge and killed the Trygon, Mephiston with Iron Arm and Warp Speed made him super nasty in combat.

Third turn the Hormaguants charged into Mephiston and managed to bring him down to one wound but the Sanguinary Guard joined in and wiped the unit out.  The flyrant charged into the vanguard veterans and killed two, but the return attacks finished off the big bug.  The genestealers lost combat and ran, though they managed to get into cover.

Fourth turn was mostly re-positioning and the movement toward objectives.  While a few smaller combats finished up.  Going into the last turn the Tyranids were down to the Harpy, one Zoanthropes, and a couple Genestealers.  Mephiston was stuck in combat with the Zoanthrope and genestealers, and an assault squad managed to ground the Harpy and the TH/SS Terminators pounced on it out of the Land Raider.  The game ended on turn 5 with a great victory to the Lamenters.  They of course had a huge upper hand since they were playing with 250 more points!  Always check lists before you start a game.

The game was a blast, and we have two more missions in our mini-campaign.  Learned a bunch of stuff about 6th edition and the army, and I’m really enjoying the new mechanics and play-style.  We played with mysterious objectives this game, and they really didn’t have any impact on the game.  Even the sabotaged one never blew up the entire game.  We never remembered challenges, and I keep forgetting to throw grenades, something I’ve been wanting to try and always forget!  Can’t wait for another game.

Painted Lamenters Army


After finishing some stuff up this afternoon I figured I would put the army together to see what I have finished to see what kind of army I could run.  To my surprise I have 2500+ points done!  While not the most effective army in the world, I can run a nice fully painted army at a variety of point values now!

1x Mephiston
1x Reclusiarch in Power Armor
1x Reclusiarch in Terminator Armor
5x TH/SS Terminators
1x Sanguniary Priest w/ Jumppack
5x Sanguinary Guard
1x Furioso Dreadnought
20x Assault Marines
1x Baal Predator
5x Vanguard Vetarans (could be run as DC or Honor Guard)
1x Storm Raven
1x Vindicator

Land Raider Finished!

I finished up the Land Raider last night and put the matte varnish down this morning.  There are areas that could be improved, but I’m happy with it so far and I think it makes a nice center piece to the army.  Really happy with adding more black to it to break up the yellow.  I’ll probably be doing this for other vehicles in the army as well.  Still need to come up with a good name for it though.
Lamenters Land Raider Crusader

Lamenters Land Raider Crusader

Lamenters Land Raider Crusader

Lamenters Land Raider WIP

Lamenters Land Raider, Terminators and Ruclusiarch 
Lamenters Land Raider, Terminators and Ruclusiarch 
Lamenters Land Raider, Terminators and Ruclusiarch 
A few pictures of the Land Raider I’m working on and the guys who ride inside.  I’ve been enjoying jumping back and forth between my two armies and working on terrain, it keeps me from burning out on painting particular color.  Really happy with how the Land Raider is coming, just need to do some touch ups and do the black-lining.  Most everything is magnetized so it can be run as a Crusader or Redeemer.  
I am also building another LR that I got for my birthday as well.  I imagine a list where I run two of them, one with TH/SS Terminators and the other full of Death Company.  Shove that down the middle and it should pretty much take care of anything.  Also armor 14 seems like it could be a little more survivable in this edition, but we will see.

Vanguard Veterans

Lamenters Vanguard Veterans Squad 
I uploaded a picture of these guys a while ago, but blogger ate it at some point so here is a new pic.  I plan on using these guys as a unit of vanguard vets, who can also be substituted out for death company or just sergeants for the various squads.  The modeling options in the death company box are just amazing and there is a ton of detail, too much in some cases.  After painting 15 blood drops on a model it starts to get tedious.  Almost as bad as painting all the gems on Eldar models.
I will soon be posting some rules for a mini-campaign Michael and I will be playing soon.  It will be a Tyranid invasion of a planet that the Lamenters and Eldar will defend against.  I’m really excited considering how the new rules really push towards a strong narrative experience.