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Death Company with Jump Packs

Finished up the jump packs for the first five death company.  Really happy with how they turned out.  Will offer a nice contrast to the yellow of the rest of the army.  Still need to finish up the should pads and paint up normal backpacks to have them completely finished.

Death Company WIP

Lamenters Death Company

First five of my Death Company.  Still need to finish some details and paint up the backpacks.  I have magnetized their backs so they can be run with jump packs or on foot.  I’ve painted them up white rather than the traditional black to differentiate the odd past of the Lamenters and the black rage.

Death Company WIP

What do you do when you can’t sleep at night?  Build models!  I recently used pieces from two Death Company box to build some Vanguard Veterans and had quite a few left over bits.  Combining those plus some bits from the bits box, I was able to put together this unit of ten DC.  Two are armed with power fists while the rest are chainswords and bolt pistols.  I will probably pick another box up eventually and build a few of the other options out, like infernus pistols and such, and the kit has tons of great bits for conversions and special characters.  The backpacks will be magnetized and have the option for jump packs as well.  I’m going to paint my DC in a white color scheme rather than the black that is traditionally in Blood Angels armies.

Vanguard Veterans WIP

After a late meeting this evening I finally had some time for some hobby work.  I got a box of Death Company for my birthday and picked some jump packs from Chapter House Studio.  I combined the two to make some VV to go with the army.  I armed all with power weapons and the Sargent with a thunder hammer.  I figure with their ability to assault out if deep strike I can use them to really mess a unit up.

I plan on basing them tomorrow and if weather permits, get them primed as well.