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Death Company WIP

Lamenters Death Company

First five of my Death Company.  Still need to finish some details and paint up the backpacks.  I have magnetized their backs so they can be run with jump packs or on foot.  I’ve painted them up white rather than the traditional black to differentiate the odd past of the Lamenters and the black rage.

Sanguniary Terminator WIP

Lamenters Sanguinary Priest Terminator

Did some work on the Sanguinary Priest Terminator model made out of a Grey Knight Terminator.  Still need to clean up and do the power sword, but it came together super quickly and much better than any previous attempt at a white figure.  Followed Ron’s guide on From the Warp here.  I’m going to eventually go back and repaint the other priest that I did using this awesome method.