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Calix Loke – Sanguinary Priest

Lamenters Sanguinary Priest in Terminator Armor

Calix Loke is one of the oldest members of the Lamenters Sanguinary Priesthood.  Entrusted with one of only two suits of Terminator Armor that the priesthood possesses, he will generally lead one of the chapters few Terminator squads into battle.  Tasked with keeping the chapters Terminators fighting, he has helped them overcome insurmountable odds to keep the struggling chapter alive.

Sanguniary Terminator WIP

Lamenters Sanguinary Priest Terminator

Did some work on the Sanguinary Priest Terminator model made out of a Grey Knight Terminator.  Still need to clean up and do the power sword, but it came together super quickly and much better than any previous attempt at a white figure.  Followed Ron’s guide on From the Warp here.  I’m going to eventually go back and repaint the other priest that I did using this awesome method.  

Calix Lucian

A member of the Calix, the Lamenters Sanguinary Priesthood, Lucian served with moral distinction when the assault squad he led refused to abandon a ship full of prisoners taken by the vile green skins.   His squad held out for four days without reinforcement, running out of ammo and holding off waves of Orks with only their chain swords. In recognition to his bravery he was inducted into the Calix to serve as a Priest specializing in jumppack assaults. He was gifted the power axe, “Deliverer”, a chapter relic to assist in his sacred duties.

Front View Calix Lucian