Month: May 2014

First game of 7th Edition

I loved it. Pretty familiar, but we tried out one of the new missions using the tactical objectives. Absolutely great. Really made the game more interesting than kill each other or contest last minute and hope the game ends. I took a combined arms list of Lamenters primary with Sons of Medusa allies plus an Imperial Knight. Mephiston was a beat stick getting off Iron Arm plus Warp Speed almost every turn. Strength and Toughness 9, with 8 initiative 10 attacks! He would mow through whatever came near him.

We did play a bunch of stuff wrong I’m sure, but I’m feeling really positive about the addition as long as you have a nice conversation before hand on what kind of game you want to play.

Imperial Knight – WIP

So I’ve made a lot of progress on my Imperial Knight. What an amazing model! Still tons of work to do. So many details and you get lost on the model painting it. Everything is blue-tacked together at this point to make it easier to paint in pieces. Hopefully over the next few weeks I can get it finished.

Mechanicus Reinforcements

I built something. Not sure exactly what it is but I love it. Originally when I started it was going to be a Knight Titan, but considering they made that model (maybe my next build) I need to figure out how I play it. Maybe run it as a counts-as Riptide.

Mechanicus Magos

Scratch-built and painted up a Magos as the first part of my Mechanicus allies. No idea what I’m going to use for rules, but mostly I just look forward to building and painting the models. It’s body is built from a Vampire Counts: Cairn Wraith and the mechandrites are all made out of green-stuff and I used the Tentacle Maker from Green Stuff Industries.