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Mechanicus Magos

Scratch-built and painted up a Magos as the first part of my Mechanicus allies. No idea what I’m going to use for rules, but mostly I just look forward to building and painting the models. It’s body is built from a Vampire Counts: Cairn Wraith and the mechandrites are all made out of green-stuff and I used the Tentacle Maker from Green Stuff Industries.

Eldar Aegis Defense Line Ideas

Eldar Aegis Force Field

Eldar Wraithbone Aegis Defense Line

In my last game, I took and Aegis defense line with quadcannon.  The 4+ cover save was extremely nice and the quad cannon was able to do some nice damage as well.

Here are a couple design ideas for creating an Eldar Aegis defense line.  The top is the force-field idea.  I would have it laser cut and engraved on colored plexiglas   I would then build a generator out of wraithbone to go in the center.

The second would be to just cut the shape into foam board or build it with clay and then texture it and paint it up to look like wraith bone.  I think both would look good, but I’m leaning toward the first option as I think it would look fantastic.

Deimos Predator

I’ve been wanting to try and do some custom building lately to try out some new techniques to bring my build quality up, and decided to try and built a Deimos Predator.  You can see the model I will be attempting to build here from Forge World.

Really enjoy some of the ascetics of the vehicle, though my conversion won’t have everything, but it should be fun to see what I can come up with.  I did some experiments bulking out the front tonight with some plasticard, actually I am using for sale signs which are much cheaper.  The shape isn’t right yet, but the main point was to try out the material and nothing is glued yet, so it will look much better in the final version.