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Aegis Defense Line for Lamenters

Lamenters behind Aegis Defense Line
Lamenters Behind Aegis Line
I haven’t forgotten the Lamenters.  Here is an Aegis Defense Line with Quadcannon upgrade on the ice board.  Painted up really quick and easy.  Not sure how much I’ll ever use it with them, as I like to play them fast moving and have very little shooting.

Eldar Aegis Defense Line

So I ended up having my idea for a defense line laser cut in acrylic. Here is the result. Overall I’m really pleased. A much better fit to the Eldar aesthetic. I will probably still build some sort of generator for the center of these for the force-field to be originating from, but they can be used as is for now. I did make one mistake in the design and one side of a small piece didn’t get cut, so I’m going to try and use the Dremel to free it up. Over all I’m very happy with how it turned out.

Eldar Aegis Defense Line
Laser Cut Eldar Defense Line
Eldar Aegis Defense Line
Small Section
Eldar Aegis Defense Line Comparison
Size Comparison

Eldar Aegis Defense Line Ideas

Eldar Aegis Force Field

Eldar Wraithbone Aegis Defense Line

In my last game, I took and Aegis defense line with quadcannon.  The 4+ cover save was extremely nice and the quad cannon was able to do some nice damage as well.

Here are a couple design ideas for creating an Eldar Aegis defense line.  The top is the force-field idea.  I would have it laser cut and engraved on colored plexiglas   I would then build a generator out of wraithbone to go in the center.

The second would be to just cut the shape into foam board or build it with clay and then texture it and paint it up to look like wraith bone.  I think both would look good, but I’m leaning toward the first option as I think it would look fantastic.