Month: March 2013

Howling Banshee WIP

Howling Banshees
Howling Banshee close up
Howling Banshee rear veiw

Farseer WIP

Worked on the Farseer last night and am almost done with him, a few more gems to do and figure out how to base him, since he has terrain built in already.  I decided on the power weapon effects using the same purple and magenta that I use on the majority of gems in the army to tie it all together.

Mymeara Eldar Farseer Front
Mymeara Eldar Farseer Back

Completed Rangers

Eldar Aegis Defense Line

So I ended up having my idea for a defense line laser cut in acrylic. Here is the result. Overall I’m really pleased. A much better fit to the Eldar aesthetic. I will probably still build some sort of generator for the center of these for the force-field to be originating from, but they can be used as is for now. I did make one mistake in the design and one side of a small piece didn’t get cut, so I’m going to try and use the Dremel to free it up. Over all I’m very happy with how it turned out.

Eldar Aegis Defense Line
Laser Cut Eldar Defense Line
Eldar Aegis Defense Line
Small Section
Eldar Aegis Defense Line Comparison
Size Comparison

Ranger paint test scheme

Ranger with Snow Camo Cloak

I did a test paint scheme on a Ranger tonight.  Ended up trying 4 shades of grey and white paint to do a snow camo scheme.  Pretty happy with how it turned out.  I need to do some work on his backpack and gear and get some details done on the front, but it gives me template for the squad.

Falcon Grav Tank

Mymeara Falcon Grav Tank
Mymeara Falcon Grav Tank

I painted up a Falcon Grav Tank for the Mymeara this weekend.  I’m extremely pleased with how it turned out.  I’m going to have to add more vehicles into my lists, just for how nice they look.  I just hope they get better with a new codex.

I’m also really happy with the gems.  There are ton of them on the model and I can do them pretty quickly now and they look decent if you don’t look to close.