Month: March 2015

Scratch built Ursarax

There is no official model for the Ursarax from Forgeworld yet so I’m working on building some custom ones. I’m going for a darker theme for a bunch of conversions for the Mechanicum to represent them toying around with things the Imperium might not normally allow, but not yet joining Horus in his rebellion. This will give me the option to play on either side in the 30k events.

The models are built off of Vampire Counts Crypt Horrors and use pieces from a few other kits. I’m still working on getting more greenstuff cables attached and working the details out, but I’m really happy with how they are turning out.

Knight Acheron WIP

I’ve managed to put the purple down on the knight and have started on the gold trim. I’m really pleased how it’s coming together. I need to finish the gold up and then go back and cleanup over spray on the metals. Also decide how I want to wash the metals and I’d I want to add a third metal color accent or not.