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Knight Acheron WIP

I’ve managed to put the purple down on the knight and have started on the gold trim. I’m really pleased how it’s coming together. I need to finish the gold up and then go back and cleanup over spray on the metals. Also decide how I want to wash the metals and I’d I want to add a third metal color accent or not.


Krios Venerator

I’ve finished up my first Krios Venerator, “Over Compensating”. What a beautiful tank, I’m actually liking this model more than the Thanatar.  The whole range is just fantastic.

Deimos Predator Progress

A little more progress on the Predator done tonight. I’m dry-fitting the turret pieces right now and figuring out how to do that back part. Used half of a ping pong ball and a 40mm base for the turret.  Pretty happy with the front, though I’ll probably do some trim work to match the model from Forge World.

Scorpion Grav Tank WIP

Mymeara Scorpion Grav Tank
Scorpion Grav Tank
 So after a bath in simple green and some scrubbing to remove the old paint job, I primed up the Scorpion Grav Tank for my Mymeara Eldar and got a base coat down with the airbrush.  There’s a whole lot more work to go and I’m really not looking forward to painting the giant gems on this thing.  I still have a lot of trouble making them not look terrible.  I might try masking the hull and use the airbrush as that could give me some nice gradients.