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Riptide WIP

Tau Riptide with Heavy Burst Cannon
Riptide Front
Tau Riptide shield
Riptide shield arm
Riptide with Ion Accelerator
Riptide with Heavy Burst Cannon

I picked up a Riptide over the weekend and manged to get most of it done.  Still need to go in a do all the lenses with purple, and I might add some more black and white on the body to provide some contrast, but I’m really happy with how it’s turning out.  I’ve magnetized the weapons so that I can take either of the main weapons or secondary weapons.  Still need to do the little support system bits that come with the kit which will also be magnetized.  The kit is great and it was a lot of fun to build.

Mymeara – Fire Prism

Mymeara Eldar Fire Prism
Mymeara Fire Prism
Finished up the Fire Prism tonight.  I absolutely love how it turned out.  The red/orange/yellow crystal with the cool jade and turquoise just really stands out.  I tried to do something similar with the gems, but without using the airbrush it just didn’t look very good so I went back to the purple gems.  I need to figure out how to build a better base for them though, as the metal turret makes the model extremely top heavy.  Also did a bit of free-hand with the fire prism rune on the wing.  I wish the Mymeara logo was a little less complicated.  I might have to see if I can get it on some transfer paper and try that way.

Skimmer WIP

So I pulled out all my old Eldar skimmers to repaint.  One falcon needs some repair work done on it, and both Falcon turrets are need of some TLC before they get painted.  The Wave Serpents all had their guns removed so that I can figure out a good way to magnetize them.  I decided against stripping the paint, as I found it doesn’t come off evenly, and with thin airbrush coats the texture comes through.  They are not perfect, but considering that I got them for extremely cheap second hand, I’m not going to complain.

I used all Vallejo paint at this point.  White primer through the airbrush (only way to prime here in Seattle with the weather), followed by Vallejo GC Jade Green, Turquoise both thinned out with Matte Medium and a little water/flow aid.  The Fire Prism crystal is painted with Vallejo Model Air Yellow, Orange, and Scarlet Red.  Next step will be to varnish it and start on black lining.  

Models ready for a new paint job
Jade Green applied

Land Raider WIP

I started repainting the second Land Raider trying to use the airbrush to a better effect.  I picked up some more Vallejo Model air colors and can do a decent shading effect now.  I’m pleased with how it turned out and it ends up being a more true yellow versus my prior scheme.  Still need to do all the detail work and black lining, but it’s moving in the right direction and my quality is improving.
Lamenter’s Land Raider
Top View
Side View

Mymeara Guardians and War Walker WIP

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The last few days have been really productive.  The airbrush really makes these guys fast to put together.  Still need to do the gems/details and touch up the weapons, but a couple hours should have them table ready.

Mymeara so far

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New Primer

Here in Seattle we have a lot of rainy days.  Makes it really hard to prime models during the wet season (October-June).  I recently picked up some Vallejo Surface Primer which can be put through the airbrush to see if that would work.  Tried it out tonight and it’s absolutely fantastic!  I did have to up my air-pressure a little bit to spray it without blocking the airbrush up, but it goes on super thin and smooth.  The best part is that it comes in a variety of colors to make painting easier.  There is almost zero smell so the wife won’t be bothered by the freshly sprayed models either.  Highly recommend.

White Primer at The Warstore

Allies Incoming – Tau Hammerhead

Tau Hammerhead

My first Tau model is finished up and ready to ally with the Eldar.  Really excited with how it turned out and love the Mymeara color scheme on these guys.  I’m getting better at doing the black-lining.  My process now is to gloss varnish the model and then use a heavy black wash in the crevices.  You can wipe off any over-spillage with a wet paper towel and it flows into the cracks nicely.  After it dries I apply a matte varnish spray to take the shininess away.  Can’t wait to see more of the Eldar and Tau models in the color scheme.

Painting a Storm Raven

So with one Storm Raven down, I figure I should learn a few things from the first build and painting that I could really do a better paint job, with much less effort.  The first thing was not gluing everything together, rather do sub assemblies that can be combined when the majority of the painting work was done.  So I built the wings, engines, and hull separately and then primed and airbrushed the base coat.  I’m much better with the airbrush now as well, and the finish on this one is much better.  I’m using Vallejo GC Heavy Ochre as my base color (thinned down about 1:1).

I also masked off a couple parts of the model that will have the checkered pattern on it.  I used blue painters tape, and then cut squares out and laid out in the area to do the black.  Much easier than free-handing all of them, though I will need to go do some cleanup.  I’m planning on adding more black and red details to break up the yellow and give it some nice contrast.  This model is also magnetized, and I made sure the polarity lined up with the other Storm Raven so I won’t have to keep the different bits separate from each other.  The result should be finishing the model in a fraction of the time, to a higher quality.

Tau Hammerhead WIP

Tau Hammerhead in Mymeara colors
The Eldar are receiving reinforcements.  With the new Allies rules, I pulled some Tau stuff out of the garage that I’ve had for a while.  I found part of a Tau mega-force box at Value Village a few years back and have been holding on to them until I had the resources or desire to build a Tau force.  Well with the new ally system I don’t need much to get a small force of Tau to supplement the Eldar.  I’ve decided to just paint in the same color scheme as the Mymeara Eldar to keep a nice cohesive look.  I have no plans on growing them beyond maybe a 1000 points or so for use in Ally games.  I really enjoy the aesthetics of the Tau tanks, the battlesuits, on the other hand, are a little too clunky looking.  I like what Forge World have done with the battlesuits, but can’t afford that sort of thing right now, especially for a secondary force.  I should be able to finish this guy up this week, and also have a Land Raider on the table that will hopefully get finished as well.