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Finished Wave Serpents

Eldar Mmeara Wave Serpents
Two Eldar Mymeara Wave Serpents

I finished up two more Wave Serpents last night.  I did a little conversion to side mount the turret weapons rather than have one on each side.  They are also magnetized to switch out and I will make more of the options in the future.  This gives me three painted Wave Serpents in total and I would like to convert one of my Falcon hulls as well as the Wave Serpents are really good in the new codex.

Mymeara – Wave Serpent #1

Mymeara Wave Serpent with bright lances
Mymeara Wave Serpent with bright lances

So had some serious insomnia issues last night, so I worked on one of the wave serpents.  I really hope these get fixed in the next Eldar codex.  While the speed is nice, they are just way too expensive for how easy they are to kill.  That said, I love how they look so will continue to paint the rest of them up.

Skimmer WIP

So I pulled out all my old Eldar skimmers to repaint.  One falcon needs some repair work done on it, and both Falcon turrets are need of some TLC before they get painted.  The Wave Serpents all had their guns removed so that I can figure out a good way to magnetize them.  I decided against stripping the paint, as I found it doesn’t come off evenly, and with thin airbrush coats the texture comes through.  They are not perfect, but considering that I got them for extremely cheap second hand, I’m not going to complain.

I used all Vallejo paint at this point.  White primer through the airbrush (only way to prime here in Seattle with the weather), followed by Vallejo GC Jade Green, Turquoise both thinned out with Matte Medium and a little water/flow aid.  The Fire Prism crystal is painted with Vallejo Model Air Yellow, Orange, and Scarlet Red.  Next step will be to varnish it and start on black lining.  

Models ready for a new paint job
Jade Green applied