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Quick color test

I did a quick color test for the Knight Acheron tonight. I knew I wanted to do a purple for the armor plates, but I wasn’t sure on the trim color. I am likely to go with the bright brass as the silver doesn’t contrast very well with the main metal internals.


Knight Acheron

Did some assembly work on the knight. Such a beautiful model and it went together really well. There is a missing piece that I am waiting on Forgeworld to send, but it’s a great kit to put together. Now to figure out the paint scheme to use.




Triaros WIP

I have managed to make a lot of progress on the Triaros. I love this model the more I work on it. Such a unique style and it fits the Mechanicum theme perfectly. Still need to do a lot of detail work and washes. Not sure if I’m gonna weather this one or not.

Triaros Armoured Conveyor

Triaros Armoured Conveyor


Triaros Armoured Conveyor Assembly



I managed to assemble the Triaros I got for Christmas. I managed to snap the bottom piece while attempting to unwarp it. I was able to fix it and get it put together. I love the look of this thing, half tank half train. I’m hoping to try some chipping and weathering techniques out when I paint it.

Stormraven – Liberata

During the Badab War the Sons of Medusa managed to salvage a number of vehicles from the Lamenters chapter. Being skilled reclaimers, their tech priests were able to get an impressive number into service. One highlight was the Stormraven, Heretic’s Folly, which was recovered with only minor engine damage. The Iron Thane Vaylund Cal himself assisted in the rites to appease the venerable machine spirit. After limited trial combat, the newly christened Liberata now is used by the chapter for the for remote insertion and fire support for its Terminators.

Updated Mechanicum


Finished up the second Krios, this has the lightning cannon. I had a small hobby heart attack after doing my final matte spray varnish, the model clouded (this despite using the airbrush to apply the varnish). I tried to see if heating it would clear it up, but I ended up applying gloss varnish again and then spray matte. It brought the color right back.

Hunter/Stalker plus Centurions

I’ve finished up the Hunter/Stalker as well as 3 Centurions. It was a nice breakup from painting red and metallics.

Krios Venerator

I’ve finished up my first Krios Venerator, “Over Compensating”. What a beautiful tank, I’m actually liking this model more than the Thanatar.  The whole range is just fantastic.

Mechanicum Army So Far

I’ve made more progress on the Mechanicum. Now I just need to look for a game!