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Land Raider WIP

I started repainting the second Land Raider trying to use the airbrush to a better effect.  I picked up some more Vallejo Model air colors and can do a decent shading effect now.  I’m pleased with how it turned out and it ends up being a more true yellow versus my prior scheme.  Still need to do all the detail work and black lining, but it’s moving in the right direction and my quality is improving.
Lamenter’s Land Raider
Top View
Side View

Land Raider Finished!

I finished up the Land Raider last night and put the matte varnish down this morning.  There are areas that could be improved, but I’m happy with it so far and I think it makes a nice center piece to the army.  Really happy with adding more black to it to break up the yellow.  I’ll probably be doing this for other vehicles in the army as well.  Still need to come up with a good name for it though.
Lamenters Land Raider Crusader

Lamenters Land Raider Crusader

Lamenters Land Raider Crusader

Lamenters Land Raider WIP

Lamenters Land Raider, Terminators and Ruclusiarch 
Lamenters Land Raider, Terminators and Ruclusiarch 
Lamenters Land Raider, Terminators and Ruclusiarch 
A few pictures of the Land Raider I’m working on and the guys who ride inside.  I’ve been enjoying jumping back and forth between my two armies and working on terrain, it keeps me from burning out on painting particular color.  Really happy with how the Land Raider is coming, just need to do some touch ups and do the black-lining.  Most everything is magnetized so it can be run as a Crusader or Redeemer.  
I am also building another LR that I got for my birthday as well.  I imagine a list where I run two of them, one with TH/SS Terminators and the other full of Death Company.  Shove that down the middle and it should pretty much take care of anything.  Also armor 14 seems like it could be a little more survivable in this edition, but we will see.

Birthday Presents

For my Birthday I got a little cash in addition to the other wonderful presents.  With the price increases coming I decided to pick up another Storm Raven and Land Raider before they become prohibitively expensive. The Land Raider will be build as normal, but I would like to do something special with the Storm Raven.  I’m not sure exactly what yet, maybe try and convert it to a Storm Eagle or just a simple weapon swap.

Also ordered some conversion bits from Chapter House Studios though they have not arrived yet.  I am most excited about the jump packs which I am going to use with a Death Company kit to make some Vanguard Veterans.  At this point I’m winding down the purchases for the army.  I still would like to expand a few more options out, getting a couple Land Speeders, some shooty terminators,  and getting up to 40 assault marines.  Another Baal Predator and Vindicator wouldn’t be bad, but I have enough to keep me busy for a while and for some crazy reason I’m thinking about stripping and repainting my Eldar force as I’m really not very happy with the paint job or color scheme.

On the Table

A quick update on what I’m working on right now.  The Landraider and Storm Raven.  Still a lot to go, but they are starting to come together.  Also put together a Vindicator and got a box of Death Company.  Not a ton of progress, but we spent a couple weeks out of town.

Airbrushing Land Raider and Drop Pod

I broke the airbrush out today to get some base-coating done.  Finished the land raider and drop pod exteriors.  The whiter spots on the land raider will not be yellow in the end so tried to miss them.  I’ve already done the interior of the drop pod and magnetized the weapons on the land raider.  I’m probably not going to spray these down with the wash that I did the predators in as I’m not super happy with the look.  Might just go with a cleaner look on these guys.  We’ll see how they turn out.

I’m getting better with the airbrush and the coat went on much smoother this time.  I’m using Vallejo paint which I love (mainly the dropper bottles).  They took some adjusting to get them thinned correctly as I’m using the heavy pigment line of colors to get a nice coat with the yellow colors.