Birthday Presents

For my Birthday I got a little cash in addition to the other wonderful presents.  With the price increases coming I decided to pick up another Storm Raven and Land Raider before they become prohibitively expensive. The Land Raider will be build as normal, but I would like to do something special with the Storm Raven.  I’m not sure exactly what yet, maybe try and convert it to a Storm Eagle or just a simple weapon swap.

Also ordered some conversion bits from Chapter House Studios though they have not arrived yet.  I am most excited about the jump packs which I am going to use with a Death Company kit to make some Vanguard Veterans.  At this point I’m winding down the purchases for the army.  I still would like to expand a few more options out, getting a couple Land Speeders, some shooty terminators,  and getting up to 40 assault marines.  Another Baal Predator and Vindicator wouldn’t be bad, but I have enough to keep me busy for a while and for some crazy reason I’m thinking about stripping and repainting my Eldar force as I’m really not very happy with the paint job or color scheme.