Storm Raven Finished

So I have finished up the Storm Raven for now.  I’m really pleased how it came out.  I of course found a few areas I need to touch up after taking the pictures, but overall it’s done and ready for action.  I tried some new stuff with this, using my new airbrush for the first time for a vehicle (absolutely wonderful compared to hand painting the large flat areas).  I also did the blacklining on the model with and oil paint wash after gloss varnishing the model, that let me wipe off the paint from where I didn’t want it, which is huge when working with yellow.  I also magentized all the option on the kit so I could change out the various weapons and side sponsons.  
Storm Raven w/ assault cannon and hurricane bolters
Plasma cannons


Side view with lascannons
Magnetized Lascannon and armor plating.
Magnetized hurricane bolters.
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