Airbrushing Land Raider and Drop Pod

I broke the airbrush out today to get some base-coating done.  Finished the land raider and drop pod exteriors.  The whiter spots on the land raider will not be yellow in the end so tried to miss them.  I’ve already done the interior of the drop pod and magnetized the weapons on the land raider.  I’m probably not going to spray these down with the wash that I did the predators in as I’m not super happy with the look.  Might just go with a cleaner look on these guys.  We’ll see how they turn out.

I’m getting better with the airbrush and the coat went on much smoother this time.  I’m using Vallejo paint which I love (mainly the dropper bottles).  They took some adjusting to get them thinned correctly as I’m using the heavy pigment line of colors to get a nice coat with the yellow colors.