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Tau Battle Suits

Was out of town this weekend but was able to finish up two Crisis Suits I started a while ago. They were actually very simple to paint up and look pretty good. I also got a Pegasus Hobbies Technobridge and sprayed it last night. Not sure if I will do more to it, as it looks pretty good as is. Nice inexpensive piece of terrain which will work great for the large river running through the middle of my table.

Riptide WIP

Tau Riptide with Heavy Burst Cannon
Riptide Front
Tau Riptide shield
Riptide shield arm
Riptide with Ion Accelerator
Riptide with Heavy Burst Cannon

I picked up a Riptide over the weekend and manged to get most of it done.  Still need to go in a do all the lenses with purple, and I might add some more black and white on the body to provide some contrast, but I’m really happy with how it’s turning out.  I’ve magnetized the weapons so that I can take either of the main weapons or secondary weapons.  Still need to do the little support system bits that come with the kit which will also be magnetized.  The kit is great and it was a lot of fun to build.