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Scorpion Grav Tank WIP

Mymeara Scorpion Grav Tank
Scorpion Grav Tank
 So after a bath in simple green and some scrubbing to remove the old paint job, I primed up the Scorpion Grav Tank for my Mymeara Eldar and got a base coat down with the airbrush.  There’s a whole lot more work to go and I’m really not looking forward to painting the giant gems on this thing.  I still have a lot of trouble making them not look terrible.  I might try masking the hull and use the airbrush as that could give me some nice gradients.

New Eldar toys

While visiting parents in Eastern Washington I picked up some old Eldar models off of Craigslist.  The highlight was an old Scorpion Super Heavy Grav Tank.  This is not the current model, but it still looks good.  I also got 2 more Falcons and a bunch of jet bikes. There are a bunch of old infantry as well that I need to inventory and sort.
They will be off to a nice bath of simple green and get painted soon.