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New Eldar toys

While visiting parents in Eastern Washington I picked up some old Eldar models off of Craigslist.  The highlight was an old Scorpion Super Heavy Grav Tank.  This is not the current model, but it still looks good.  I also got 2 more Falcons and a bunch of jet bikes. There are a bunch of old infantry as well that I need to inventory and sort.
They will be off to a nice bath of simple green and get painted soon.

The problems with second hand miniatures

I love to get a good deal on some cheap miniatures.  I always keep my eyes open at thrift shops and about once or twice a year I will find something GW releated.  I recently got a nice haul of miniatures, though a number of the models were quite poorly put together.  My favorite is the top picture where his torso got put on upside down.  The second photo shows the lovely overflowing of glue used to attach them.  Luckily a lot of the minis were unassembled.  Just getting the Land Raider made it worth the cost, so everything else is just bonus.  Here was the haul all for about $45 dollars:

New or not assembled:
1 Land Raider Crusader/Redeemer
1 boxes of Chaos Space Marines still in box1 Space Ork Dreadnought (old metal one) still in box
1 Ork Warboss with attack squig (metal)
1 Metal Space Marine Chaplain in Terminator Armor
1 Metal Eldar Warlock

1 Metal space marine veteran
1 box Chaos Space Marines10 ork boys

5 Chaos Terminators
3 Tau stealthsuits plastic (one missing arm)
1 Tau stealsuit (old metal)
10 Tactical space marines
1 plastic space marine captain
5 Assault marines
1 Plastic Dreadnought w/ Assault Cannon
Blood Bowl Minis:
7 Orcs from Orcland Raiders
1 Human
1 Dice Cube
1 Dice Tin
3 files

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