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Vanguard Veterans

Lamenters Vanguard Veterans Squad 
I uploaded a picture of these guys a while ago, but blogger ate it at some point so here is a new pic.  I plan on using these guys as a unit of vanguard vets, who can also be substituted out for death company or just sergeants for the various squads.  The modeling options in the death company box are just amazing and there is a ton of detail, too much in some cases.  After painting 15 blood drops on a model it starts to get tedious.  Almost as bad as painting all the gems on Eldar models.
I will soon be posting some rules for a mini-campaign Michael and I will be playing soon.  It will be a Tyranid invasion of a planet that the Lamenters and Eldar will defend against.  I’m really excited considering how the new rules really push towards a strong narrative experience. 

Vanguard Veterans WIP

After a late meeting this evening I finally had some time for some hobby work.  I got a box of Death Company for my birthday and picked some jump packs from Chapter House Studio.  I combined the two to make some VV to go with the army.  I armed all with power weapons and the Sargent with a thunder hammer.  I figure with their ability to assault out if deep strike I can use them to really mess a unit up.

I plan on basing them tomorrow and if weather permits, get them primed as well.