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Contemptor Dreadnought

I’ve finished my Contemptor Dreadnought! The model is absolutely gorgeous and goes together really well. I might add some weathering and battle damage later down the line, but I’m really pleased with it so far. I wish all of the dreadnoughts in the game were this size as they are a lot more imposing.

Dreadnought completed

Made a little progress on the Sons of Medusa. I painted up a Dreadnought. I’ll be adding a Venerable and Contemptor Dreadnought to the army to keep with the theme of the Sons of Medusa. I’m having trouble concentrating on the marines though as I recently acquired about 5000 point of Ogre Kingdoms and quite frankly am enjoying playing Fantasy more than 40k right now.

Sons of Medusa Dreadnought

Lamenters Furioso Dreadnought

Lamenters Furiouso Dreadnought

Brother Erelim led Volturno squad, 5th company for over a century, before falling to the vile Tyranids on Taumna IV.  He led his squad on a daring attack on a gargantuan Hierophant.  He was able to use his lightning claw to open up a joint in on the creatures massive legs, and plant a melta charge that was able to cripple the monster enough for the chapters Storm Ravens to bring it down.  He was almost killed in the explosion, and the noxious poisons and spores were able to compromise his battered body.  Brother Elim, the only surviving member of Volturno squad, was able to evacuate Erelim’s failing body.  The Calix priesthood quickly decided to entomb his body in one of the chapter’s precious Dreadnoughts.
Erelim Domitianus was reborn and now serves the chapter with the same daring he did in his prior life.  He favors a close combat load-out using the twin blood talons, that mirror the lightning claws he used as an assault marine, though he has been known to take a frag cannon and heavy flamer for boarding actions.

More airbrush basecoating on two dreadnoughts.

An update.  After some errand running in the late afternoon I was able to get the dreadnoughts base-coated with the airbrush.  I have the Blood Angels Furioso kit here as well as the AoBR dreadnought.  They are both magnetized to accept any of the arms (also have assault cannon, multi-melta, and two more normal DCC arms that still need some work).  The sarcophagus on the Furioso is magnetized to accept any of the three sarcophagi.  Also the normal arms are magnetized to allow the blood talons or fists.

There is a team tournament at a semi-local game store later this month, and I’m hoping to make some nice progress on the army so that it looks semi respectable.