Doubles Tournament Game 3

Terminators, and two assault marine squads assaulting Marneus Calgar
Epic Assault

  So Michael had to leave after game two, so I played both armies for the last game.  Getting tabled quickly in the last game at least gave me an hour or so to relax before the last game.  I was definately tired and starting to drag a little after the beating in the second game.  The good part was I was no firmly in the losers bracket and playing against other less experienced players and less nasty lists.

  I played a space marine and blood angel team played by Chris and Joe.  The space marines had a 10 man TH/SS terminator squad with Marneus Calgar attached that took up most of his points.  He had a lascannon predator, a tactical squad in a rhino, and small scout squad.

  We had a nice relaxed game and we agreed we needed something “awesome” to happen.  I deployed first and had first turn and pulled the Eldrad trickery redeploying essentially the entire Eldar army.  That gave me a nice alpha strike on his predator which was immobilized and couldn’t move or shoot.  I also unloaded with the war walkers on the scout squad with 20 guided hits.  I then rolled to wound and all 20 wounded!  That was probably the highlight of the tournament for me as I had been rolling poorly for most of the tournament.  Joe then got to have a great moment when he rolled 19 of the 20 3+ saves!  Crazy dice on both sides there.

  On the next turn the Blood Angels dropped a death company dreadnought in my back lines and heavy flamered a couple assault marines and stunned one of the War Walkers.  The rest of their rhinos moved up, and popped smoke and went to my turn.  My baal predator got the right side on the outflank and came in behind his rhinos and immobilized one.  The assault marines moved up together with the storm raven full of terminators and got ready for the assaults on the next turn.  The other squad dumped some melta guns into the DC dread and blew it up.  The wave serpents stunned the predator again and started to flank to one side to be ready to pick up objectives on the other side.

  His next turn the terminators came in off the scouts teleport homers.  The blood angels had a tooled out death company with Dante come down and infernus pistoled the wave serpent with the fire dragons to death.  Everything else moved up.  That was when I decided that we were going to do something awesome.  I dropped my terminators out of the storm raven, and took both full assault squads and assaulted the giant blob of terminators.  There were going to be a lot of dice on this assault.  20 Lightning claw/Power Weapon attacks and 29 Strength 5 normal attacks.  That was enough to wipe the terminators out  completely and put one would on Calgar.  My powerfists and TH/SS didn’t get to swing.  Calgar killed one of the sanguinary priests and two or three of the assault marines.  It was a ton of fun rolling that many dice and seeing that giant mob.

The rest was mostly just cleanup at that point.  The tooled out death company did manage to bring down Eldrad’s falcon and kill everyone inside and the vanilla tacticals destroyed the Baal predator with a meltagun shot.  So I ended the tournament with  1-2 record for 5th place.  I learned a lot playing in a more competitive environment than I’m used to, though I still prefer friendly games and unique missions to tournament play.