An assault squad in a lot of trouble

 After our first defeat we were hoping to get paired up with other losers to play someone more our experience level, but with only 6 teams one winning team would play one losing team in the second round.  We were the highest scoring losing team, so we got paired up against one of the winning teams. 

We played a Chaos Marine and Space Wolf team and we got to learn how nasty Thunderwolf Cavalry can be.  There were 9 of them on the board and I could not believe how crazy fast they are.  There was no where to run from and they ate both our armies alive.  Things started out poorly from the start when they ceased the initiative from us and blew my Storm Raven out of the sky with a single lascannon shot.  To add insult to injury the explosion killed two terminators, with Feel no Pain, and pinned them as well.  The Lamenters where all dead by turn 3 and they then finished off the  Eldar on turn 4.  They went on to win the tournament in the last round.

One problem at this points level is board size.  The Eldar couldn’t hide anywhere, because with 2500 points they were able to flood the entire board.  I dislike anything above 2000 points in general and really think the game is the best at around 1500-1750.  I would love to do another team tournament, but limit the number of points to 1000 per team.

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