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First game of WFB with Lizardmen

I played two games today for our WFB Escalation League.  They were both against Wood Elves and were at 800 points.  I really enjoyed the game and it took some time to change my mindset away from 40k as that has been what I have been playing lately.  Here were my lists for the two games:

1st Game:

Hero: Skink Priest with Level 2

Core: 20x Saurus Warriors with full command and spears

Core: 12x Skink Skirmishers with Javelins

Special: Bastiladon with Solar Engine

Special: Stegadon

2nd Game:

Same as above, but dropping the stegadon, 2 skirmishers, and musician.  Adding in 8 Cold One Riders.

I managed to win both games, but took a real beating when Dweller’s Bellow went off on my Saurus block and in the second game on the Cold ones. The Bastiladon is absolutely pants in close combat, but is a decent support unit and managed to do some good damage with the Solar Engine. The Stegadon was nasty and really pushed combat in my favor.  The skirmishers did great in both games, getting wiped out in each, but managing to do some good damage with their poison shots. The Saurus block was kind of slow and took a lot of fire and when they finally got in combat kind of whiffed it not rolling a single 6 for predatory fire with 16 attacks. Overall it was a lot of fun and I enjoyed the feel of the army.

Dryads running into the middle of the LIzardmen Army

Dryads running into the middle of the LIzardmen Army

Bastiladon and Skinks in combat with the Dryads

Lizardmen Skinks

Here is my first unit for my Lizardmen army.  I haven’t enjoyed painting the High Elves so I am selling those and picking Lizardmen up.  I just love the variety of models and the character of the army.  I will be having each unit type be a different color and get a nice range of colors inspired from poison toads to dinosaurs.

Lizardmen Skinks