More Storm Raven WIP

Had a little more time to work on the Storm Raven. It’s coming together nicely, but still a lot of details to paint. The main challenge tonight was working while the wife was also working on a sewing project. We were sharing a long folding table in front of the TV and when she started sewing it felt like I was trying to paint in an earthquake. Her sewing machine is older than she is and really starts to shake things up. So much to the point I spilled a new jar of paint while trying to paint. I had to give up after a while, but did manage to get a nice coat of brighter yellow on the top of the vehicle. I did manage to do a little shading, though I think I will try and gloss coat it and try using oil paints to do the line shading.  I haven’t decided if I”m going to do weather or not yet.