Mymeara color scheme test

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I couldn’t sleep last night after getting a nasty cold, so I pulled out the airbrush and paints and did an experiment to see what colors to redo my Eldar in.  I like the result so-far, though I went a little too heavy with the blue on the airbrush and in future models will have more green.  Also the white is a little too stark.  I will try and get a warmer white for the base and use the brighter just on the highlights.  I also had some trouble with the airbrush clogging up on the paint, so I need to mix my base colors up with a lot more thinner in a separate dropper bottle ready to go for when I crank the army out.  I also need to figure out what I’m going to do for bases.  I want to make ice-field bases.  I’m thinking maybe I could use some water-effects on top of painted-broken tiles.  Should be a fun experiment.
Colors used:
White Pimer
Vallejo GC Jade Green base
Vallejo GC Turquoise
Vallejo MC Black
P3 Menoth White Highlight
Gems were done with Citadel Liche Purple and Warlock Purple.