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Ice World Terrain – Hoth Inspired

A few updates. So I watched Return of the Jedi again to see what else I could steal for cool ice terrain and started on a few more pieces. Laid everything out to see how the terrain density would be. I have about 25% coverage including the pipelines which can’t be removed (not counting the giant iced over river). I need one more solid piece of terrain to feel comfortable with the table, and will build a few beyond that for varieties sake. One thing I definitely will do, is make a larger island with a nice piece of LoS blocking terrain. I’m thinking a pumping station, to go in the middle of the board. Maybe a couple of small islands to go in the river to not always have the middle of the board open. Sorry about the image quality but this was just a test setup in the kitchen. Also these are all work in progress. Pretty much just primered and textured at this point.

Hidden Base Blast Doors
Defense Laser Tower
Shield Generator
Board Laid Out to check terrain Density
Terrain in one corner

Frozen River

Cracked Ice
Close up
Models on ice

I finally found an affordable solution for making the frozen river for my ice board.  Ceiling panels for florescent lights to simulate the ice. This is a translucent cracked ice type and runs about 10 bucks for a 2×4 foot section.  Two of them will be enough to do the large river on my table.  Certainly better than the estimated $100 bucks worth of resin I thought I was going to need.  I had thought about trying it, but saw it in action here and new it would be perfect.

The one problem I ran into is that the panels are actually 23.5 inches vs 47.5 inches.  So for one of the panels I needed to use multiple pieces.  Rather than have a straight seam, I cracked and broke it into pieces and then used Woodland Scenics Realistic Water to make it look like the water was flowing up through the crack.  The water seeped under the plastic to give a really nice looking effect.  I’m really happy, I just need to do some snow banks along the edges to cover up the rough cutting.

Ice Crystal Terrain

Farseer with Howling Banshees
Farseer with Howling Banshees

Last year I attempted to do some ice-crystal terrain and failed miserably.  This year it worked out a lot better.  I also have an idea for doing the ice on the table I’m working on as well. Finished these miniatures up while visiting my parents last week.  I’m actually taking a little Eldar break and going to re-paint/finish my second Land Raider for the Lamenters.

Ice bases

So I tried my hand at some ice world bases. Not perfect but pretty good and considering they are made with about 20 cents worth of materials for 10 rather than paying a dollar a piece for resin bases, I’m pretty happy. I tried using Future acrylic wax to make them shine more like ice, but I think I’m going to add a light coat of water effects to get the shine even higher.

Ice Table WIP #3

I managed to get all of the white portions painted yesterday and it is really coming together.  I will give the snow areas a coating of Future floor to give a nice glistening effect and then I just need to figure out how to do my ice.  I’m thinking clear resin with a little blue and a little white ink or paint mixed in.  I’ll try to pick some up this evening for testing purposes over the weekend.

Terrain Failure – Ice Crystals

Cutting the ice pillars
Painting the ice pillars
Gloss varnishing the ice pillars fail!
Last night the wife and I had a crafting/Star Trek night.  While she worked on some crocheting I pulled a bunch of scrap foam from building the table to work on some ice crystals to use as terrain.  Managed to make a whole bunch of various sizes and was pretty pleased with the result.  I used some cheap acrylic craft paint (only slightly darker than the actual blue of the foam) and dry brushed the edges white.  This morning before work, I took them outside and gave them a spray of gloss varnish to give them a nice shinny look, but to my dismay they started dissolving away despite the paint!  Generally I use a thicker latex paint on foam which will protect it enough that spray paints and varnishes will work, but the acrylic paint is not thick/strong enough.  Probably half are ruined beyond repair, the other half should be alright, but I’ll need to make more.  Next time I’m going to use Future Floor polish through the airbrush instead to avoid further failure.

Ice Table WIP #3


Did a little more work the last few days.  Put the third board section together (also have enough left over to do a fourth board later), and sanded the flat snowy portions of the board.  Next step will to do the white over-brushing to give a better snow effect.  I will probably end up gloss coating the board as well to have it look a little more snow-like.  I still need to figure out how to do the iced-over river.  Probably use resin with a little white and blue paint mixed in to cloud it up a little and give that a try.  Also time to start making plans for the various terrain bits that I will be doing.  Probably will start on the ice-crystal forests tonight and plan some pumping station style buildings.  Not sure what else I want to do.
I also found a similar board here that someone has built, and will be using some of his ideas, especially on the ice crystal forest.  Hopefully mine looks as good when it’s finished.