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WIP: Custom Mephiston

 So I have made some more progress on my custom Mephiston.  I really don’t like the correct miniature for this so I put some pieces together to make up a version for the Lamenters.  Not sure on his fluff name or story yet, but I will be figuring something out as I’m on the finishing touches for him. The banner was a lot of fun to do, though it needs some more cleanup still.

Custom Mephiston for Lamenters

WIP: Predator and Mephiston

Making more progress on my Lamenters.  Started doing details on a Baal Predator, though there is a long way to go.

The other model is my custom Mephiston.  Not sure what his name or fluff is going to be yet, but played with him the other day and he was a blast to play.  He’s made up out of bits from the command squad box, and sanguinary guard.  Not pictured here is a nice banner that goes over his head.