War Walker WIP

Eldar Mymeara War Walker
Mymeara War Walker 
I worked on a War Walker tonight for my Mymeara army.  I’m really excited so far with how it’s coming out.  Looks much better than my old paint scheme.  It’s also nice to have a break from painting so much yellow with the Lamenters, though I will continue to work on them as well.  The weapons are magnetized and will be white and black when they are painted up and the upper body is also magnetized to the legs for transport.  As a bonus most of the work is done with the airbrush so the army should paint up pretty fast.
I’m going to try something different with the bases and use some water-effects to have an ice-world theme.  Also looking at different products and ways to do snow.  I’ve seen the baking soda methods as well as the crushed glass products.  Might have to try a few out to see what works best.