Month: April 2013

Aegis Defense Line for Lamenters

Lamenters behind Aegis Defense Line
Lamenters Behind Aegis Line
I haven’t forgotten the Lamenters.  Here is an Aegis Defense Line with Quadcannon upgrade on the ice board.  Painted up really quick and easy.  Not sure how much I’ll ever use it with them, as I like to play them fast moving and have very little shooting.

Frozen River

Cracked Ice
Close up
Models on ice

I finally found an affordable solution for making the frozen river for my ice board.  Ceiling panels for florescent lights to simulate the ice. This is a translucent cracked ice type and runs about 10 bucks for a 2×4 foot section.  Two of them will be enough to do the large river on my table.  Certainly better than the estimated $100 bucks worth of resin I thought I was going to need.  I had thought about trying it, but saw it in action here and new it would be perfect.

The one problem I ran into is that the panels are actually 23.5 inches vs 47.5 inches.  So for one of the panels I needed to use multiple pieces.  Rather than have a straight seam, I cracked and broke it into pieces and then used Woodland Scenics Realistic Water to make it look like the water was flowing up through the crack.  The water seeped under the plastic to give a really nice looking effect.  I’m really happy, I just need to do some snow banks along the edges to cover up the rough cutting.

Land Raider WIP

I started repainting the second Land Raider trying to use the airbrush to a better effect.  I picked up some more Vallejo Model air colors and can do a decent shading effect now.  I’m pleased with how it turned out and it ends up being a more true yellow versus my prior scheme.  Still need to do all the detail work and black lining, but it’s moving in the right direction and my quality is improving.
Lamenter’s Land Raider
Top View
Side View

Ice Crystal Terrain

Farseer with Howling Banshees
Farseer with Howling Banshees

Last year I attempted to do some ice-crystal terrain and failed miserably.  This year it worked out a lot better.  I also have an idea for doing the ice on the table I’m working on as well. Finished these miniatures up while visiting my parents last week.  I’m actually taking a little Eldar break and going to re-paint/finish my second Land Raider for the Lamenters.