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Krios Venerator

I’ve finished up my first Krios Venerator, “Over Compensating”. What a beautiful tank, I’m actually liking this model more than the Thanatar.  The whole range is just fantastic.

Mechanicum Army So Far

I’ve made more progress on the Mechanicum. Now I just need to look for a game!

Thanatar Seige Automata

I’ve finished painting up the Thanatar for my Mechanicum army. The model is just beautiful and one of my favourite I’ve ever built. I haven’t played a game of 30k yet but it also looks pretty beastly rules while as well.


Completed Imperial Knight

Imperial Knight Completed! Well besides a bunch of little things I didn’t notice until looking at the photos. Super pleased, one of my favorite models to date.

Imperial Knight – WIP

So I’ve made a lot of progress on my Imperial Knight. What an amazing model! Still tons of work to do. So many details and you get lost on the model painting it. Everything is blue-tacked together at this point to make it easier to paint in pieces. Hopefully over the next few weeks I can get it finished.

Mechanicus Reinforcements

I built something. Not sure exactly what it is but I love it. Originally when I started it was going to be a Knight Titan, but considering they made that model (maybe my next build) I need to figure out how I play it. Maybe run it as a counts-as Riptide.

Mechanicus Magos

Scratch-built and painted up a Magos as the first part of my Mechanicus allies. No idea what I’m going to use for rules, but mostly I just look forward to building and painting the models. It’s body is built from a Vampire Counts: Cairn Wraith and the mechandrites are all made out of green-stuff and I used the Tentacle Maker from Green Stuff Industries.

Mechanicum Incoming

I have this years large painting and modeling project decided on.  I’m going to build and paint up 2000 points of Sons of Medusa Space Marines (Iron Hands successor chapter) and Adeptus Mechanicus Allies.  This is going to be mostly an exercise in hobby and I really want to stretch myself with a few new techniques.  Mostly I want to get batter at doing custom modeling work and getting better at kitbashing.  The Mechanicus side will be the place where I really do the most amount of work, the space marines will be mostly stuff I never finished for the Lamenters.  The AdMech are going to be played as Tau allies (unless I figure out a better codex for the rules).  I’m excited for the project and have already started converting models over.  This will be a lot more time consuming to complete compared to my normal building/painting so will probably be fewer models painted over the year.

A few of my ideas:

Knight Titan – converted from Dreadknight kit, this will be run as a Riptide and will be a centerpiece of the army.

Mechanicus Thralls – Converted from Dark Vengeance cultists, these will be the criminals/works picked up from the slums, some basic augments slapped on them, and pressed into service (Fire Warriors, maybe Kroot whichever fits the rules better).

Heavy Ranged Maniples (not sure on name) – converted from IG Sentinels (Broadside rules).

Magos – converted from Vampire Counts Wraith, with necron bits and pieces and a bunch of guns tacked on (Suit Commander)