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Wraithknight WIP

A few WIP shots of the Wraithknight. Still lots of detail work to do, but it’s coming along nicely.

  Eldar Mymeara Wraithknight
Eldar Mymeara Wraithknight
Eldar Mymeara Wraithknight

Building and Magnetizing a Wraithknight

Here are some work in progress pictures of the magnetizing efforts for the Wraithknight. I can build any of the primary weapon systems and will be finishing the secondary weapons up this week. I will also add magnets to where the torso connects to the legs to allow it to break down but still have a solid base. The legs are also only partially glued for ease of painting and putting on a nice base.

Wraithknight with Suncannon and Scattershield

Wraithknight weapon options magnetized

High Elves WIP

A few work in progress shots of the High Elves. Going to work on these some more this week, and then get ready for the new Eldar release. I’m really excited for a new book, and I really like a bunch of the new models.

High Elf Swordmasters
High Elf Swordmasters
Loremaster of Hoeth
Loremaster of Hoeth
Prince on Griffon
Prince on Griffon
Flamespyre Phoenix

Night Spinner WIP

Mymeara Eldar Night Spinner
Mymeara Night Spinner
Mymeara Eldar Night Spinner
Mymeara Night Spinner

I really enjoy painting the vehicles for this army and so after working on the Harlequins, decided to take a break and paint the Night Spinner up.  I absolutely love both the rules and look of this model.  Strength 6 large blast with rending, barrage, and causes hit units to treat next move as difficult and dangerous.  In 5th edition this was awesome as you had a 1/6 change of killing any model since no armor saves were allowed.  While not as powerful in 6th edition, the barrage rules got better and with the increase in infantry the large blast is really nice.  It’s also fairly cheap for an Eldar unit at 115.

I still need to do more detail work, including the pilot and gunner, and I need to find a windshield which I couldn’t find.  I’m also going to try and do a grey highlight on the black intakes to give it a little more depth.

Skimmer WIP

So I pulled out all my old Eldar skimmers to repaint.  One falcon needs some repair work done on it, and both Falcon turrets are need of some TLC before they get painted.  The Wave Serpents all had their guns removed so that I can figure out a good way to magnetize them.  I decided against stripping the paint, as I found it doesn’t come off evenly, and with thin airbrush coats the texture comes through.  They are not perfect, but considering that I got them for extremely cheap second hand, I’m not going to complain.

I used all Vallejo paint at this point.  White primer through the airbrush (only way to prime here in Seattle with the weather), followed by Vallejo GC Jade Green, Turquoise both thinned out with Matte Medium and a little water/flow aid.  The Fire Prism crystal is painted with Vallejo Model Air Yellow, Orange, and Scarlet Red.  Next step will be to varnish it and start on black lining.  

Models ready for a new paint job
Jade Green applied

Howling Banshee WIP

Howling Banshees
Howling Banshee close up
Howling Banshee rear veiw

Farseer WIP

Worked on the Farseer last night and am almost done with him, a few more gems to do and figure out how to base him, since he has terrain built in already.  I decided on the power weapon effects using the same purple and magenta that I use on the majority of gems in the army to tie it all together.

Mymeara Eldar Farseer Front
Mymeara Eldar Farseer Back

Ranger paint test scheme

Ranger with Snow Camo Cloak

I did a test paint scheme on a Ranger tonight.  Ended up trying 4 shades of grey and white paint to do a snow camo scheme.  Pretty happy with how it turned out.  I need to do some work on his backpack and gear and get some details done on the front, but it gives me template for the squad.

Howling Banshee and Fire Dragon color test

Did a quick test of two of the aspect warrior types for the Mymeara. Wasn’t sure if I was going to do them in traditional colors or in the jade and turquoise armor with accents from their aspects. I think I’m going to go with the scheme below as I would like to have the army to look cohesive as a whole, with individual accents for the various aspect warriors.

Deathwatch Sternguard Marine

I volunteered to put a model together for the Sternguard Deathwatch competition and charity event for the Badab Veterans group.  Pretty pleased so far with the model, though I still need to drill out weapon barrels and do a base up.For the weapon I kit-bashed a combi-melta up from an infernus pistol, DC bolter and magazine from a storm bolter.  Really happy with how it came out.  In fact this has inspired me to put together a sternguard squad for my own Lamenters after I’m done.